The Wimmelbook
for your Ski School

Zwei Exemplare des Skischul-Wimmelbuchs mit einer skifahrenden Prinzessin im Vordergrund

Look - be amazed - discover the ski school!

The new favorite book for little skiers

A ski course is an unforgettable experience for children: from getting to know the ski course group at the meeting point, the first attempts at skiing in Kinderland, lunch together at the ski hut to the big final race, the children gather lots of new impressions.

It is precisely these special experiences that are captured in the Ski School Wimmelbook on 8 lovingly illustrated double pages. The detailed and cheerful scenes about the ski school adventure invite children aged 3 and over to marvel and discover. 

The creative activity with the Ski School Wimmelbook stimulates the imagination, promotes the ability to concentrate and playfully expands the children's vocabulary. At the same time, the Wimmelbook provides conversation starters on topics related to the ski school, so that children are encouraged to talk about their own experiences on the ski course.

   The Ski School Wimmelbook is the ideal gift for little ski fans - whether to get them in the mood and look forward to their ski course or as a special memento after their winter vacation.

Let the interactive treasure hunt begin!

Personalize the Wimmelbook with sticker motifs from your ski school

A ski school without a mascot? Simply unimaginable. That's why your mascot should be a recognizable feature in your Ski School Wimmelbook. You can integrate your ski school logo, your ski school mascot or selected lettering on the colorful pages of the book using individualized stickers. While you enjoy the recognition value of the Ski School Wimmelbook, an interactive treasure hunt begins for the children. Hidden on the stickers are clues about the surroundings of the sticker motifs. Together with their parents, the children explore the Wimmelbook anew and individualize the individual pages.

We transform your desired motifs into an individual sticker sheet. Send us the vector graphic of your mascot or other motifs and we will take care of creating and printing the sticker sheets.

Illustration aus dem Skischul-Wimmelbuch, die zwei Skischüler mit grünen Westen beim Skifahren zeigt
Ausschnitt einer Person, die das Skischul-Wimmelbuch in Händen hält
Illustration from the Ski School Hidden Object Book showing two parents with their child standing on skis
Illustration aus dem Skischul-Wimmelbuch, die zwei Kinder mit Skiern zeigt.

Order and delivery

A Wimmelbook that pays off twice over

With the purchase of the Ski School Wimmelbook, you not only receive a new source of income, but also a great opportunity to strengthen the loyalty of your customers and the recognition value of your ski school. 

Buy the Ski School Wimmelbook from us at a top price of €10 net per copy (excl. shipping) and sell it profitably to your ski school customers for €18 (€19.80 incl. 10% VAT).

Illustration aus dem Skischul-Wimmelbuch, die ein Mädchen beim Rodeln zeigt

Colorful hustle and bustle in your ski school

We are delighted that your ski school will soon be a hive of activity! Order the Ski School Wimmelbook directly in our online shop.

From the shopping cart to the bookshelf

After receiving your order, we will add the Wimmelbook as an item in your online shop. This way, your customers can conveniently order the Ski Schook Wimmelbook online, pay for it and then pick it up at your ski school.

Illustration from the Ski School colouring book showing a hare eating a carrot

Together for success

We support you with helpful tips on sales promotion, create a marketing package for you with image material and promote the Ski School Wimmelbook with a social media campaign and newsletter marketing.

Illustration from the Ski School Hidden Object Book showing a hare on a small snow hill

Sarah Berndlbauer

About the illustrator of the Wimmelbook

With her colorful ideas and unique style, Telfer artist Sarah Berndlbauer has conjured up an absolute eye-catcher for young and old with “My Ski School Wimmelbook”. Sarah discovered her passion for art in kindergarden and, after graduating from the HTL for construction and design, realized her childhood dream by founding her company Brush Power.

In addition to painting, mountaineering is her second great passion: “The power that I live out in the mountains in my free time is also reflected in my self-employment as an artist.”

My Ski School Wimmelbook is her first work as an illustrator.

Künstlerin Sarah Berndlbauer, die strahlend ihr Skischul-Wimmelbuch in Händen hält
Illustration aus dem Skischul-Wimmelbuch, die eine Gruppe Skifahrer mit Skilehrer zeigt.
Three women holding the Ski School Hidden Object Book in their hands and examining it with a smile
Illustration aus dem Skischul-Wimmelbuch, die zwei Kinder beim Tragen ihrer Skiausrüstung zeigt.

The idea

Why is a software company developing a Wimmelbook?

Waldhart Software is more than just a software provider - we are a committed partner to ski schools. Our passion for skiing and our commitment to long-term customer relationships inspired us to create something special: A Wimmelbook that conveys enthusiasm for skiing and keeps ski school experiences alive all year round. 

Our goal: My Ski School Wimmelbook should help to ensure that the ski course remains alive in the children's minds and that the positive memories accompany them throughout the year.